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Toyota Auris (2007-2012) LED kit

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    Toyota Prius (2016-2021) LED kit

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      Toyota LED kit for your interior

      Improve the aesthetics of your interior by replacing the original bulbs with our LEDs.

      An original bulb provides dull yellow lighting in your passenger compartment, unlike LED lighting which provides powerful pure white light (6000K) and which will modernize your vehicle, without DIY!

      The Toyota LED kit is PLUG & PLAY, you just have to replace the original bulbs with LEDs. No adapter needed, and no ODB errors.

      All our LEDs are equipped with an ODB anti-error system.

      These LED bulbs are perfect replacements for the original ones.

      It has never been easier to change interior bulbs on your Toyota vehicle.

      The Toyota LED kit comes with all the lights needed to illuminate the interior.

      Why LED lighting?

      The first advantage of LED lighting is of course energy saving . Since the LED system, or LED in French, does not require heat production, energy requirements are clearly reduced.

      To better understand this significant difference between a conventional bulb and an LED bulb , the numbers will be more telling:

      A classic bulb that produces 1055 lumens (a measure of the intensity/power of light) requires an energy output of 75 watts , its little sister, the LED bulb only needs 11 watts .

      The second advantage, and not the least, is the lifespan of LED bulbs, around 20,000 hours!

      Finally the third, they are more aesthetic and give a luxurious effect, more powerful , and a touch of modernity to your car.

      Opt now for a Toyota LED kit!